Sleep 101 Activity Demos

Below, please find a few demo activities from Sleep 101. These are for preview only. If you want more information about how to share these videos and activities with students, please contact us here.

Intro Video

This video, featuring Arianna Huffington and interviews with current students, opens Sleep 101 with a broad overview of how sleep can be a tool to make many aspects of college life – from academics to athletics to social life – better and more fulfilling.

Caffeine Challenge Demo

One of our most popular activities, The Caffeine Challenge, is a fun interactive activity that teaches students the essentials of safe an effective caffeine use.

Sleep and Safety Video

A short animated video that shows the link between sleep and safety, including drowsy driving.

Campus Resources Demo

Customized for each campus, this activity gives colleges a chance to highlight existing campus resources including mental health resources, stress reduction classes, nutrition counseling, existing sleep resources or programs, and more!